Our Mission

To significantly reduce hunger in Montgomery County by 2020 by redistributing fresh, perishable food and increasing collaboration among businesses, non-profits, food providers, and families in need for this purpose.

A First Year Report:Progress Toward a Hunger-Free Montgomery County

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Our 50-Year-Old Model

Approximately 50 autonomous non-profits in Montgomery County are tackling food insecurity.

That means that there are:

At the same time, there is an outdated approach based on purchasing food rather than recovering it. Meaning families that are low-income often commute to facilities to receive food that is not the highest in nutrition, while unused fresh perishable food is going to waste.

What we need are modern and comprehensive solutions to address this problem

Our Strategy

We want to address this problem by seeding a paradigm shift. To get there, we need:

Our Partners

We are working with great organizations in Montgomery County to make this happen.

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Shout Out Wall

Welcome to the Montgomery County Food Security Collaborative Shout Out Wall! Showcasing our community's efforts to significantly reduce hunger in Montgomery County. Please send 'Shout Outs' to mocofoodsecuritycollaborative@burnesscommunications.com.

Nourish Now held a Cookapalooza on Friday, October 24th during Community Service week with amazing volunteer help from the County Executive Office, the Food Council, Firna and community members. 350 family size stuffing and meatloaf for 100 families were made.